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NRA Instructor (Certified)

Certified & Licensed firearms expert Instructor, Chris Martinez, is a Certified NRA Instructor. He enjoys the experience of teaching new skills, defensive tactics, & more!

NRA Certified Instructors are an essential part of the gun industry as they help provide gun owners with proper firearms education and firearms safety.  Instructors are Certified by the NRA after completing required NRA Training Courses ensuring your receiving the proper firearms training when searching for a firearms instructor.

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The NRA is America’s leading gun rights organization and has nearly five million members! The NRA fights back against those seeking to limit the Second Amendment.

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Instructor: Chris Martinez

Chris has been a Certified NRA Instructor for many years and now leads Tactical 360 located in Bakersfield, CA. He served as a peace officer and specializes in training military and police personnel. He has multiple awards from competitions.

Firearms Training & Defensive Tactics


“Thank you Chris! I’ve finally learned the basics. I feel a lot more comfortable with my pistol at home. Wish I would have done this sooner.”

Tim D.

Oildale, CA

“Chris is the best instructor in Bakersfield. I’ve been in law enforcement for years and find myself coming back to him for my renewals.”

William S.

Tehachapi, CA

“With all of the recent changes, keeping our family safe became top priority. We’re new gun owners. My husband and I both took a course together and now we feel safe with a gun in our home. I was nervous at first, now it’s fun!”

Amanda F.

Bakersfield, CA

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