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B.S.I.S. Training COURSES

Our instructor teaches individuals or groups right here in the Golden Empire. We train law enforcement officers, military members, and private citizens. Browse our course list below. All courses include a $15 non-refundable deposit.


B.S.I.S. Guard Card Training Course

Prerequisite: Live Scan fingerprints completed at any UPS, Post Net, or Kern Sheriff’s Department. App cost is approximately $80-100.

Course Fee: $75.00
State of California Fee: $55.00

Total: $130.00


B.S.I.S. Exposed Firearms Permit Training Course

Prerequisite: Must already possess Guard Card. The cost of the initial firearms permit is to the State of California. We are an all-inclusive business and provide everything necessary for the classroom and permit completion course.

Guard Card Training Course and the Exposed Firearms Permit Training Course can be done in conjunction together. One short day for the Guard Card Training Course and one long day for the Exposed Firearms Permit Training Course.

Upon completion of the application process, you must wait 60 days for the state to process your paperwork.

Then the PSI gets involved. After 60 days you’ll be given an appointment through the mail to set up your exam which will cost you $60, plus 90 minutes of your time to complete the test.

The student must provide the firearm and ear protection. At least 200 rounds of ammunition are required from the student, preferably 9 mm.

Course Fee: $200.00
Range Fee: $12.00
State of California Initial Firearms Permit: $100.00

Total: $312.00


B.S.I.S. Renewal Training Course

This course is for B.S.I.S. Renewals.

Course Fee: $100.00
Range Fee: $12.00
Additional Calibers: $10.00 each

Ammunition Cost

Ammunition should be purchased beforehand by the shooter or student.

$25 for 9mm (50 Rounds)

Non-Refundable Deposit

All training sessions, courses, and classes include a $15 non-refundable deposit as part of the Fees paid.

One on One Hourly Training

For one on one instruction, we charge $80 per hour. This style of training can cover a wide range of firearms, tactics, or other topics.